About Aerial Elements

Lorrie Lancaster and Michelle Boniface started Aerial Elements in September 2016 after their home studio closed to continue to make available Aerial Arts to existing students and to the community.  We are located in Bluffton, South Carolina within Riptide MMA. Our goal is to foster a community oriented and creative learning space and give our students the opportunity to have fun learning Aerial Silks and Aerial Dance in a supportive and safe environment.

Lorrie Lancaster & Michelle Boniface


With 10 years of aerial experience, our owners Lorrie Lancaster and Michelle Boniface trained with Suzette Springer at their former home studio, Move and Motion (former Cirque and Big Apple Circus performer). They have attended and hosted workshops with acclaimed aerialists including: Olympian Christine Van Loo of Cirque de la Symphonie, NECCA instructors, Susan Murphy of The Marsh Studio,  Jill Franklin of Aerial Physique and the amazing Sarah Romanowsky. They have trained with Julianna Hane of Born To Fly as instructors and also prior to that as students. After 2 years of aerial training, Lorrie continued to train under Suzette Springer at Move and Motion and continued to train with her and learn as an assistant coach for years and then taught classes there under her tutelage. Aerial Elements opened after Suzette closed Move and Motion so those who wanted to continue training and learning could (at the time, the closest studios open were in Charleston and Jacksonville)! We of course welcome new students so we can share our love for Aerial Silks!

Come Fly with Us…………

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