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Aerial Silks

Our April schedule is below. Our classes and attendance are more limited based on current demand and until things get back to normal to ensure safety and proper sanitation. This may be updated based on changes with COVID-19 developments and demand. Class size is limited since to avoid sharing of apparatus (except with members of the same family or people who are in existing close contact pod type groups for learning or work) and to allow proper distancing.

Our currently weekly scheduled kids group classes are open only to past and existing students due to changes in fabric sanitation and instruction technique (eliminating physical cues and spotting except in emergent situations). Some teens may be considered to join adult silks class after being evaluated in a private lesson (based on their maturity and ability to follow directions and safety instructions without constant 1 on 1 supervision).

We are considering adding a tweens and teens (12 and up) Intro To Silks 8 week series if there is enough interest. It would be prepaid for the 8, 1 hour classes ($200). Contact Lorrie at 617-775-3320 if you’re interested in learning more! There would be limited space available to keep class safe and students would be all working on the same basic progression skills slowly to reduce the need for physical spotting and test out on basic skills at the end of the series to determine if they can enter mixed level classes as a beginner. If not, there would be an option to sign up for another 8 week series focusing on accomplishing these skills. We currently have some interest in a Friday evening class, please contact us if you’re interested!

Wednesday: 1:00 Adult (18 and up) Beginner Aerial Silks Class & Performance Company Training

**Note: 5/26/21 & 6/2/21 class is cancelled

Saturday: 2:00 Tweens/Teens (performance company only or those with prior approval and required pre-requisite skills, no beginners with the exception of SEGA competition team members from Teal and Royal supervised by Holly Rein).

**Note 5/29/21 classs is cancelled

Saturday: 3:00: Adult (18 and up) Beginner Aerial Silks & Performance Company Training.

Polynesian Dance with Jen McKenzie: Sundays at 5:30. Polynesian Dance classes are payable directly to Jen via Venmo, Zelle or Cash ($15 per class or $100 for a 10 class card, there is also a 1st time class intro special of $10 to try out the class).

**Note 5/30/21 class is cancelled

All classes are reservation only, please reserve your spot 24 hours in advance. You can text us at 617-775-3320, email us at or direct message us on our Facebook page to check availability and reserve your space to allow 1 person per apparatus, proper student to teacher ratio and class planning for physical distancing and proper sanitation procedures.

  • Make sure to read Class & Private Lesson Page
  • Please come to class in proper attire.
  • Fitted full length leggings (cotton or cotton like) 
  • No socks, other than yoga/barre socks with grip and open tops (shaped like a ballet slipper)
  • Fitted shirt hip length or longer shirt with sleeve that covers the armpit
  • ​This is for your comfort and safety. No jewelry, or Fitbits. Hair should be up.

Come Fly with Us………..

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