The Schedule

Aerial Silks

Our spring summer schedule is below. Our classes and attendance will be limited until things get back to normal to ensure safety and proper sanitation. Group classes are open only to past and existing students due to changes in instruction technique eliminating physical cues and spotting except in emergent situations. New students can contact us regarding the possibility of private lessons (will be determined on a case by case basis depending on goals and related experience),

Tuesday: 12:00 tweens/teens intermediate/performance company 1:00: adult beginner to intermediate (and adult performance company practice)

Thursday: 7:00 pm adult beginner to intermediate (and adult performance company practice)

Saturday: 2:00 tweens/teens intermediate/performance company 3:00: adult beginner (and performance company practice)

Coming soon, Polynesian Dance with Jen McKenzie Sundays at 4 pm!

  • Make sure to read Class & Private Lesson Page, class/apparatus must be reserved 24 hours in advance to ensure availability (and proper sanitation and class ratio).
  • Please come to class in proper attire.
  • Fitted yoga, ankle-length leggings (cotton or cotton like) with footless tights (underneath will provide more comfort)
  • No socks, other than yoga/barre socks with grip and open tops (shaped like a ballet slipper)
  • Fitted shirt hip length or longer shirt with sleeve that covers the armpit area 
  • ​This is for your comfort and safety. No jewelry, or Fitbits. Hair should be up.

Come Fly with Us………..

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